Digital Marketing

SOKP Media deliver a full service digital marketing solution based on the goals that matter to you most in order to increase your digital marketing returns.

We build Creative, Cross Platform, Mobile Responsive websites:



Digital Marketing

In an every increasingly overflowing cyberspace, it demands the expert use of analytical tools to interpret and build your search and optimisation strategies for maximum gain.

Social Media

Social Media marketing for business is becoming more and more crucial. Not just to continually increase your brand awareness but also to protect the brand and its reputation.


As an experienced SEO Consultancy Agency we drive visitors through the use of organic and paid Search Engine Optimisation as well as Local SEO techniques.

Website Design

Your website is the online representation of your business and as such needs to look professional as well as stand out as a mark of quality above your competitors.

Increase Brand Visibility

Our Digital Marketing services improve online visibility for your brand and are key to getting your products and services found in Google.

Our clients range from SME’s to Blue Chip Internationals. Whatever stage of your business plan you are at, we will be able to help.

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High Visibility Digital Marketing Packages!

SOKP Media make sure that all our digital marketing services are customised to suit your specific needs.
Our highly skilled internet marketers will create for your company an impressive and effective online presence.
Our services will ensure your brand visibility improves and reaches it's full potential.


Digital Strategy

1Developing a digital marketing strategy requires the identification of your target audience, pinpointing where they can be found online and crucially, what metrics will ensure success.

Online Marketing

2We'll deliver you maximum return for your marketing spend through a powerful blend of SEO techniques, Social Media and the optimisation of your current online assets.

Reporting & Analysis

3With vigorous research and analysis, SOKP Media will help your business understand how you compare against your competitors in the search engines and across the social media landscape.
Digital Marketing Reporting and Analysis


Client Testimonials

We are always pleased to hear back from out clients. We love to find out what our clients have to say about our digital marketing services and we are
always open to suggestions on how we can improve our services. You can read through some of our client testimonials below.

I had always been sceptical of SEO, probably as i didn't understand what it actually did. After SOKP Media explained what search engine optimisation was and how it would benefit my business it was a no brainer - as a result we are now at number 1 spot on Google for "Swindon employment agency" and the phone doesn't stop ringing with enquiries. We can't speak highly enough about our experience with SOKP Media.
Carl McCulloch, Joint M.D TRAK Employment Solutions
I spoke with the guys at SOKP Media and clearly set out my goals - SOKP Media explained what they would do and what it would cost in line with my requirements. Every step of the way my wishes were at the forefront of SOKP Media's mind and i found them easy to deal with. More importantly my Google ranking has improved and my web enquiries have shot up over the past few months - all in all i am very happy with SOKP Media.
Jason Liffen, Director Fireplace Solutions
SOKP Media have been tremendous in helping raise our search engine rankings since our acquisition of FLIC Wiltshire earlier this year. I like the ethical way in which SOKP Media operate and that they do things in the right and proper manner. I would highly recommend SOKP Media to anyone as they are very easy to deal with and they get great results - so much so that i have in fact started using their services for other businesses i have.
Mark Neilson, M.D FLIC Wiltshire
After meeting up with SOKP Media and explaining my requirement for a mobile friendly website as well as search engine optimisation i soon had exactly what i had asked for. My new business website works across all devices and i show up in the top search positions in Google for my most important keywords. SOKP Media's knowledge of local SEO is second to none and i would highly recommend them.
Sue Uygur, Owner Lashed-Up